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‘‘We bridge the gap between vial and small dose (intravitreal) injections.’’

SJJ Solutions is an innovative medical device company that brings quality and efficiency to the market of intravitreal and other small volume injections. Our products and tools allow our users to easily extract medicine from a vial into a syringe with high efficiency while reducing the risks associated with these procedures.

Zero Residual Volume

When medication is costly or scarce, it should be handled as efficiently as possible. In order to reduce medicine waste regarding injections, syringes should have as little residual volume as possible. The Zero Residual™ syringes offer this possibility. Thanks to the shape of the barrel, piston and needle hub, the residual volume is as little as the volume of the needle cannula. Hover over the image on the right to view the residual volume of a conventional Low dead space syringe (right) compared to the Zero Residual™ syringe (left).

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Air-free prefilling

The Zero Residual™ Bubble Adapter is ideal for prefilling multiple syringes from 1 vial. As the medicine is often withdrawn into a large reservoir/transfer syringe which is either highly siliconized or contains other particles, the quality of the medicine or injection can be compromised, even before it’s been inserted into the syringe that is used for injection. The Zero Residual™ Bubble Adapter eliminates these risks, as the adapter is silicone oil- and particle-free, and air bubbles can be easily prevented during prefilling due to its design (as compared to reservoir syringes that need to be flicked).

When quality and efficiency matter, the adapter should be used to prefill small volume (intravitreal) injections free of any air bubbles.

Interested in air-free prefilling? Request a demo by one of our product specialists.

USP <789> Particulate Matter in Ophthalmic Solutions

Ophthalmic solutions should be essentially free from particles. USP <789> strictly limits subvisible particles in ophthalmic solutions. Light Obscuration and in some cases Microscopic Membrane are used to identify particles and their respective sizes.

The Zero Residual™ products fall well within the given limits, which provides a good baseline for our clients using the products at point-of-care.

Silicone oil in eye

Special projects

The Zero Residual™ Fill Assist has been developed to partly automate the Air-free filling of syringes. The machine can remove the cap from the syringe, fill the syringe with a pre-defined volume and cap the filled syringe air-free. The Fill Assist has been certified for use in a class ISO-5 (A) cleanroom and can be placed in a laminar air flow unit. It can yield up to 120 pre-filled syringes per hour.