0.3mL low silicone oil syringes

The Zero Residual™ 0.3mL syringe is our CE (MDR) certified ultra-low siliconized syringe. Each syringe is individually checked before it’s placed into its blister. The material used for this syringe has glass-like characteristics. This makes this syringe ideally suited to be used for storing small dose intravitreal injections. Stability data is available upon request. The syringe furthermore provides excellent accuracy and optimal dosage control.

Zero Residual™ transport tray

The Zero Residual™ transport tray can be used to ensure product integrity during transport. This sterile tray prevents the plunger from moving during transport and can be placed directly on the sterile field as the tray itself is sterile. The tray is suited for both syringes with caps and syringes with needles.

Compounding assistant tools

We have supported some of our clients in the past with reusable compounding assistant tools such as the Zero Residual™ Fill Assist as well as the Zero Residual™ Assistant Tool. These tools allowed our customers to prefill our syringes air-free by means of controlled and safe procedures. Air-free prefilling reduces the risk of agitation and therefore the potential release of particles at point-of-care usage of the product.

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