30G Needle

The Zero Residual™ 30G needle is available in two sizes: 1/2" (13mm) and 3/8" (9mm).

33G Needle

The Zero Residual™ 33G needle is available in 3/8" (9mm).

25G Needle

The Zero Residual™ 25G needle is available in 1" (25mm).

23G Needle

The Zero Residual™ 23G needle is available in 1" (25mm) .



All Zero Residual™ needles are designed to fit exactly on all Zero Residual™ syringes. This allows for zero waste of medicine. Each batch is also tested for sharpness before release to ensure the highest quality.

For intravitreal use we recommend  our 30G & 33G x 9mm needle as short needles tend not to bend as easily resulting in a smoother penetration of the eye. When using an Precivia® (formerly called Invitrea®) we recommend our 30G x 13mm needle to ensure a sufficiently deep penetration in the eye.

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