Providing a
SiO-free trail
From vial to eye.

Providing a dedicated
silicone oil-free trail
from vial to eye.

Providing a
SiO-free trail
from vial to eye.

At SJJ Solutions, we are committed to researching, developing and delivering innovative and revolutionary medical devices. We are pushing beyond the boundaries to enable our users to maximize their full potential and maintain high quality throughout the medical chain.

Silicone Oil-free

The focus on eliminating silicone oil from medical devices is becoming increasingly important as more and more information and data about its consequences is becoming available. Presence of silicone oil droplets in the vitreous might become symptomatic, leading to floaters, sometimes inflammation responses and, in worst cases, a necessary vitrectomy with associated risks. Because all devices that are currently being used to withdraw medicine from the vial into the syringe are contaminated with silicone oil, and therefore potentially lead to silicone oil droplets in the eyes of patients undergoing intravitreal injections, there is an unmet need for silicone oil-free products.

The Zero Residual™ products pioneer the silicone oil-free trail from vial to eye.

By challenging the status quo, we’ve unlocked the next generation of medical devices, which has resulted in the presently available Zero Residual™ products. As innovation never stops, we keep exploring for new robust and out-of-the-box solutions, taking on challenges we come across on our journey for better, safer and more cost-effective healthcare worldwide!

What once started off as a simple idea to reduce medicine spillage has now evolved into the Zero Residual™ concept that provides multiple advantages: High accuracy, No residual volume, Optimal dosage control, Reduced particles & silicone oil.

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Innovative solutions

The ability to safely transfer medicine from a vial into a syringe is an important step during the preparation of syringes. SJJ Solutions has developed an innovative adapter that allows accurate, efficient and safe conditions to prefill the Zero Residual™ syringes. The patented Zero Residual™ Bubble Adapter is unique of its kind and offers advantages and improvements compared to current practices. Since the Zero Residual™ Bubble Adapter is particle- and silicone oil-free and allows air-free prefilling which reduces the need for flicking and the risk of agitation significantly, using the bubble adapter leads to a safer injection.

Zero Residual™, delivering end-to-end and standalone solutions

Zero Residual™ products offer superior quality; it is our ambition to provide the best products so you can obtain excellent study or treatment results. The Zero Residual™ concept is developed to tackle simple and complex ophthalmic challenges. We are proud partners of ophthalmic specialists worldwide and we will continue innovating to close the quality gap.

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How do we work?

Identifying challenges
Validation through collaboration

Our product development is fueled by expert knowledge. At SJJ Solutions, we strive to co-develop in a hybrid collaboration with our customers. Innovations and solutions are designed by making optimal use of our combined knowledge. We do rapid prototyping in house and validate our Zero Residual products in real-world clinical settings. We want to be your partner in closing the quality gap.


Collaborations and partnerships are vital for our mutual success at closing the quality gap.

By combining your specific challenges with our products, IP, and development approach, we provide the most optimal solutions for your needs.